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2016 Sutherland, L; Graham, I; Yaxley, G; Armstrong, R; Giuliani, G; Hoskin, P; Nechaev, V; Woodhead, J. Major zircon megacryst suites of the Indo-Pacific lithosphere margin (ZIP) and their petrogenetic and regional implications. Mineralogy and Petrology 110 2 399-420.
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2015 Irisson, J-O; Paris, C. B; Leis, J. M; Yerman, M. N. With a Little Help from My Friends: Group Orientation by Larvae of a Coral Reef Fish. PLoS One 10 12 1-14.
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2015 Rowley, J. J. L; Dau, V. Q; Hoang, H. D; Nguyen, T. T; Le, D. T. T; Altig, R. The breeding biologies of three species of treefrogs with hyperextended vocal repertoires (Gracixalus; Anura: Rhacophoridae). Amphibia-Reptilia 36 277-285.
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2015 Reid, A. L; Wilson, N. Octopuses of the Kermadec Islands: Discovery and description of a new member of the Octopus 'vulgaris' complex (O. jollyorum, sp. nov.) and the first description of a male Callistoctopus kermadecensis (Berry, 1914).. Bulletin of the Auckland Museum 20 349–368.
2015 Paxton, J. R. Family Cetomimidae. The Fishes of New Zealand 998-1000.
2015 Paxton, J. R. Family Rondeletiidae. The Fishes of New Zealand 994-995.
2015 Paxton, J. R. Family Barbourisiidae. The Fishes of New Zealand 996-997.
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2015 Leis, J. M. Family Diodontidae. The Fishes of New Zealand 1741-1745.
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2015 Vermeulen, E. T; Ashworth, D. L; Eldridge, M. D. B; Power, M. L. Investigation into potential transmission sources of Giardia duodenalis in a threatened marsupial (Petrogale penicillata). Infection, Genetics and Evolution 33 277-280.
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