The Australian Museum BugWise Outreach Program built on the BugWise pilot program (2004–2006) conducted in the Upper Hunter, NSW. In the current project, the novel methods developed during the pilot program were introduced to five catchments (outside the Upper Hunter) through a series of workshops. These workshops had three main aims: (1) to increase the awareness and understanding of invertebrate biodiversity among the community, (2) to build the capacity of the community so that they could participate in ecological monitoring, and (3) to assess the applicability of the BugWise methods to areas outside the Hunter.

The Australian Museum BugWise Outreach Program was successful in meeting the project outcomes. The program built a network of conservation volunteers and professionals with the necessary skills to conduct monitoring initiatives using the BugWise methods. Since the workshops were delivered, several community groups have used the information to: report on environmental projects, to facilitate educational programs, or to inform friends and family about the importance of invertebrates. The BugWise methods are applicable outside the Upper Hunter region and the demand for this type of projects is clearly evident through the feedback received.

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Final Report for BugWise Outreach Program Report to the NSW Environmental Trust 2006/EG/0005
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