Baudinella Thiele, 1931, Retroterra Solem, 1985 and Molema Köhler, 2011 are three genera of camaenid land snail endemic to coastal regions of the Western Australian Kimberley. Each of these genera has fairly distinct shells, but all exhibit a rather similar configuration of the reproductive system, which is characterized by lack of a penial sheath and presence of an elongated and coiled bursa copulatrix. By combining comparative morphology of shell and penial anatomy with analyses of the mitochondrial DNA fragments 16S rRNA (16S) and cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (COI), the phylogenetic relationships amongst representative species of these genera are addressed to test the monophyly of taxa and to identify new species. Our results show that all three genera are members of a single camaenid radiation. Five new species are described: two new species of Baudinella, B. magna n. sp. from the Institute and Montesquieu Archipelagos and B. margaritata n. sp. from Pitta Gorge in the Prince Regent Reserve, one new species of Molema, Molema tenuicostata n. sp., from near Talbot Bay, and two new species of Retroterra, R. dichroma, and R. nana, from the Prince Regent Reserve.

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Molecular phylogeny and taxonomic revision of the genera Baudinella Thiele, 1931, Retroterra Solem, 1985 and Molema Köhler, 2011 endemic to the coastal Kimberley, Western Australia (Gastropoda, Camaenidae)
Criscione, F; Köhler, F
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Journal of Systematic Zoology and Evolutionary Research
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