The present work contains descriptions of new species and new genera of camaenid land snails from islands of the Bonaparte Archipelago in north-western Kimberley, Western Australia. The monotypic Kimberleydiscus n. gen., with its type species Kimberleydiscus fasciatus n. sp., is described from Bigge Island. The species is characterised by its discoid, banded and smooth shell and a peculiar penial anatomy, which includes dense pustulation of the inner penial wall, presence of a corrugated main pilaster, and a vas deferens that reflexes as an epiphallus and connects with the penial chamber through a pore. Kimberleymelon n. gen. is also monotypic. Its type species, Kimberleymelon tealei n. sp., is endemic to Middle Osborn Island and characterised by its relatively large, highly turreted, almost trochiform shell with regular axial sculpture. The inner penial wall
supports an undulating, corrugated main pilaster and dense pustulation. A new species, Carinotrachia admirale is described from Middle and Southwest Osborn Islands. Both islands support distinct morphs that differ slightly but consistently in shell shape and penial wall structure and are considered to form two subspecies, C. admirale admirale and C. a. elevata.

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Three new species and two new genera of land snails from the Bonaparte Archipelago in the Kimberley, Western Australia (Pulmonata, Camaenidae)
Köhler, F
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Molluscan Research
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